Saturday, 2 February 2013

Solidarität mit Chile (Single, Eterna, 1973)

This single, released in 1973 on the Eterna label, was an expression of  East Germany's international solidarity with Chile, and its president, Salvador Allende.
The money gained by selling this single should help the people in Chile in their struggle towards democracy.
It features two live recordings form the "Festival Politische Lieder" at the 10th "World Festival of Youth and Students", 1973, in East Berlin.

Side 1: "Venceremos" (Inti Illimani)
Side 2: "El Pueblo Unido" (Quinteto Tiempo, Agitprop, Oktoberklub Berlin)

Solidarität mit Chile (Single, Eterna, 1973)
(320 kbps, front & back cover included)

This poster depicts Allende's famous last speech to the people of Chile from the balcony of the Palacio de la Moneda, the Presidential Palace in Santiago. He stood on the balcony as the FACH (Air Force of Chile) bombed the palace. He died in the palace, the cause of which is highly controversial. Some say Allende committed suicide by not leaving the palace when offered the chance to go into exile. Others say that he was murdered. Allende had chosen to stay in the palace and fight for his country as a soldier would.

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