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Die City Preachers - Folklore (1965)

The "City Preachers" was regarded as German´s first folk-rock group. They were the leading german folk group in the sixties and some of their members became later very sucessful in Germany as solo musicians like Udo Lindenberg and Inga Rumpf. They played a mixture of folk and protest songs, spirituals, blues, flamenco and bouzouki. Jewish and Balkan songs, but also early German-language "Protest Songs" were part of their repertoire.
John O´Brian Docker, founder of the band, on the Preachers: "The group was formed in October 1965. At that time I met a number of young artists, amateurs, and molded it into a solid group."
Some of the band members are still prominent in the music scene: For example John O´Brian Docker, Inga Rumpf, Sibylle Kynast, Dagmar Krause, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Udo Lindenberg. More than 20 soloists participated in various formations of the band for a so-called 'modular' formation (everyone is a soloist and everyone plays with each).

In 1969 Inga Rumpft left the City Preachers to form the sucessful progressive rock band "Frumpy". This was the end of the City Preachers.
01. Sometimes I' in the mood
02. Apopse kanis bam
03. Come back baby
04. Porque Madalena
05. Toll the bell easy
06. Schlaf nur ruhig ein
07. Black brown and white
08. Alegrias por Ana Mary
09. Pick a bale of cotton
10. Ik hebbe se nich
11. Railroad Bill
12. Anula
13. Walking in the city
14. Gregor
15. Wenn die Soldaten
16. De sun vet arunter gayn

City Preachers - Folklore (1966)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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