Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hannes Wader - 7 Lieder (1972)

Hannes Wader (born 23 June 1942 in Bethel near Bielefeld, Germany as Hans Eckard Wader) is a musician and songwriter. Beside Konstantin Wecker he is one of the las songwriters of the "old school".

Initially known as a socially critical chansonnier, he had a strong influence on the anti-authoritarian movement in 1970. In the 1970s, Hannes Wader became one of the stars of the political left through his provocative songs. Since the late 1970s until 1991 he was engaged as a member of the DKP (German communist party) and has performed at many political events. He interpreted socialist workers' songs and hymns. Wader even came under suspicions of terrorism because of his song Der Tankerkönig, a spoken song about kidnapping a tycoon. Since the 1990s, Wader performs folk songs and songs from the Romantic era besides his own tunes.

The album "7 Lieder" from 1972 contains one of his most famous song, "Heute hier, morgen dort" ("here today, gone tomorrow").

Hannes Wader - 7 Lieder (1972)
(192 kbps, no cover included)

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